Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an independent user-friendly review site that guarantees finding the school that meets your needs. It allows parents and students to review schools and even submit a school that is not yet listed. Principals, teachers and members of school administration are also welcome to claim their listing and share more information about their school.

What is your mission? aspires to unite and enable the educational community around the world. Our goal is to provide accurate information and trustworthy reviews to help the educational community, while also encouraging and promoting good practices and bringing attention to issues and shortcomings.

Why should I sign up?

By signing up, you become a member of our fast-growing educational community all around the world. Signing up allows you to review and/or submit a school as well.

Does it cost to join

Joining and using its services is absolutely free of charge and we promise we’ll keep it that way!

How do I sign up?

Signing up is quick and takes place in a few easy steps with instant confirmation. Just fill in the necessary fields and you’re ready to go! You can also watch our helpful video!


How do I find a school?

Just type a name, an address or a country in the search bar and it will give you the most relevant results. You can then refine your search or even browse freely around a specific location.

What is geo location and how does it work?

Geolocation is a unique feature that helps you know exactly the distance between your current location and each school you are watching, making it easier to compare different schools and finding a school conveniently located near you.

Why couldn’t I find my school?

Perhaps spelling of the specific key word is slightly different so try using different keywords e.g. the address of the school, instead of its name or search by level of education in the area. It is also possible that a certain school is not yet listed in School Me up, so you can be the first to submit it and write a review too!

Can I add myself a school that is not listed? is a new startup site and due to the large volume of schools around the world, It is possible that a certain school you might be looking for is not yet listed. In that case, you can be the first to submit it and write a review too! You can also watch our helpful video!

Is available in my area?

SchoolMeUp. eu aspires to unite the educational community around the world and our infrastructure allows us to feature schools from any region to all over the world. However, this is a long process that needs your contribution too! So if you cannot find what you are looking for, join our community effort and submit a new school or your review!


Why do I have to I sign up to review or submit a school?

In order to provide accurate information available to everyone and safeguard schools’ reputation, signing up is necessary to submit or review a school. Only your username and affiliation will be visible while your personal information will not be published.

How do I review a school? Can I also upload media?

You do not need to write a lengthy review of the school: you can also just use the star-rating system and leave a single comment! However, consider writing about your personal experience so that you can help others! You can also get ideas and tips, by checking our Review guidelines.

And yes! You can also upload media of the school like for example a copyright free photo or video of the campus or facilities! Once your review goes live, you will be notified with a no-reply automated message.

Does edit reviews?
No, reviews are not edited as a rule by our staff, not even to correct wrong spelling. However, each user can edit or even remove his/her review by logging in and finding the relevant review or comment.  In any case, SchoolMeUp. eu reserves the right to remove a review or comment if it does not comply to our terms & conditions and our review guidelines.

Why was my review/comment removed?

After submitting a review it takes a bit of time to be processed and get published. If you cannot see your review right away, try refreshing your page or visit it again at a later time. If you still cannot see your review, it means it is still being moderated or has been found in violation of our terms & conditions and our review guidelines and has been removed by a member of Staff.

How do ratings and reviews work?

All authentic user ratings are published and are equally taken into account in order to give out an overall rating of each school. The same applies to all submitted reviews, as long as they comply with our terms & conditions and our review guidelines.


Which Schools can be featured on

Our goal is to feature schools of all levels and any type of education around the world, notwithstanding their ownership status. So all schools can be featured on, as long as they are official and/or accredited by the respective authorities in each case.

Does offer a free school registration?

Registration for all schools is absolutely free of charge. Adding your school is just as free as finding or reviewing a school and grants you more options of sharing useful relevant information with perspective students and parents.

Then, what is a featured school?

A featured school is an authenticated educational establishment that decides to take a step further in the digital era, sharing more information with perspective students and parents and showcasing its facilities and achievements, by choosing one of our promotional packages at a nominal fee.

Can I feature mine?

If you are a teacher, principal, member of the school administrating staff or in any other way affiliated so that you can legally represent a school and are authorized to act on its behalf, then you can visit our promotional packages’ page and decide which is the best way to feature your school.

My School’s info is not correct.  Can I do something about it?

For whatever reasons, the information pertaining to a school may be incorrect or outdated. In that case we would recommend claiming this listing, totally free of charge and editing its details, to the best of your knowledge. This way, you will also have the chance to upload a profile picture and a short description for your school and improve your school’s listing. If you find any difficulties along the way, contact us at [email protected] and we will be glad to help you.



I forgot my password?

No need to worry! Please select “Reset password” at the first step of the login menu and then enter the email address you used to create your account. An email will be sent to that address with a link you can use to reset your password. If you don’t receive an email, check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t end up there.

Do you share my personal info with third parties?

At, we deeply respect your privacy and take maintaining it seriously. The use of information collected through our services is strictly limited to the purpose of providing the service for which our clients have engaged us and under no circumstances do we disclose or distribute such information to third parties.

For more information you can read our Privacy Policy which explains our collection and use of information we collect through our website and services, as well as how you can access and update or delete this information.

Can I work with you?

We are always interested in meeting people that share our passion for education and want to join our effort to bring together a community of education. Whether you want to guest blog or you are interested in a job opening, visit regularly the relevant links and don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]